New Business Setup - StupMntr

Many people have bright ideas to solve real world problems. But the problem is that they don’t know how to get this idea to market and build a good business from it. We, have a 12 months program ‘StupMntr’ where we work with them closely to achieve their dreams.

New Business Setup - Hobbiz

There are people who work at a job that they don’t enjoy just to earn for their family. They sacrifice their hobby which could have been converted as a profitable business. If you are such an individual, then we have a program ‘Hobbiz’ for you. We work closely with you for 12 months, from understanding your idea to build a successful business model based on the hobby.

Business Expansion - FranCon

FranCon We all see so many successful business setups around but few like McDonalds, Subway, JumboKing can expand that business across the country and beyond. This is because, it takes different knowledge, skills and experience to expand your business. Are you looking for expanding your business? We have an unique 12 months program where we work with you and help you to expand your business.

Business Broking and Due Diligence

Business start and they close as well. We help you sell your business OR help you find a suitable buyer or a partner. At the same time, we help Investors to find a right business to invest into by doing a due diligence of the businesses so that you make a good investment decision.

Digital Transformation for SMEs

World is going Digital and your business should not be the exception. But it’s easier said than done. We help you to work on exactly ‘what is needed’ and ‘not what everyone is doing’. We help strategizing and implementing the ‘Digitalization Roadmap’ for your Organization.

Business Coaching

We conduct various business coaching seminars and workshops for Wantrepreneurs, Young students. For details call +91 8879975958.