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We follow a process oriented approach in our consulting services

    This is the first touchpoint with the client. The objective of this stage is as follows:
  • Understand the problem statement clearly with solid quantitative parameters
  • Establish clear expectations and deliverables with the client
  • Allocate the best team as per the requirement
  • Sign contract as required
To get to the root cause of the problem statement, the extensive discovery process is taken up which includes the following:
  • Review of existing business documents and processes.
  • Quantitative analysis of information using statistical tools.
  • First-hand observations through informal stakeholder interviews.
  • Formal and semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders, including client.
The extensive data gathered in the discovery phase is analyzed keeping the problem statement at the center.
  • Relevant data is taken into consideration.
  • Quantitative data is mapped.
  • Biggest threats and biggest opportunities are identified.
  • Relevant data is shared and discussed with the client.
We recommend the most cost-effective and optimal solution to the client:
  • Recommendations/ action plans are shared and explained to the stakeholders/ client.
  • Determine sources required to implement: money, people and processes.
  • Map the recommendations with defined deliverables.
As per the package subscribed, our team can help you execute our recommendations in the best possible way:
  • Create new systems for execution.
  • Hire and train new personnel for execution.
  • Marketing and branding improvements are executed with respective teams
Feedback and Improvement
We strive for continuous improvement and use feedback system to do further improvements in the solution



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