We Help Businesses To Design Multiple Revenue Models.

We Closely Work With Entrepreneurs To Build Solid Businesses.

We Provide Coaching To Young Generation To Excel In Their Career.

Our Services

New Business Setup - StupMntr

Many people have bright ideas to solve real world problems. But the problem is that they don’t know how to get this idea to market and build a good business from it. We, have a 12 months program ‘StupMntr’ where we work with them closely to achieve their dreams.

New Business Setup - Hobbiz

There are people who work at a job that they don’t enjoy just to earn for their family. They sacrifice their hobby which could have been converted as a profitable business. If you are such an individual, then we have a program ‘Hobbiz’ for you.

Business Expansion

FranCon We all see so many successful business setups around but few like McDonalds, Subway, JumboKing can expand that business across the country and beyond. This is because, it takes different knowledge, skills and experience to expand your business.

Business Broking and Due Diligence

Business start and they close as well. We help you sell your business OR help you find a suitable buyer or a partner. At the same time, we help Investors to find a right business to invest into by doing a due diligence

Digital Transformation for SMEs

World is going Digital and your business should not be the exception. But it’s easier said than done. We help you to work on exactly ‘what is needed’ and ‘not what everyone is doing’.

Business Coaching

We conduct various business coaching seminars and workshops for Wantrepreneurs, Young students. For details call +91 8879975958


About Us

Who we are

What we do

We follow a process oriented approach in our consulting services

    This is the first touchpoint with the client. The objective of this stage is as follows:
  • Understand the problem statement clearly with solid quantitative parameters
  • Establish clear expectations and deliverables with the client
  • Allocate the best team as per the requirement
  • Sign contract as required
To get to the root cause of the problem statement, the extensive discovery process is taken up which includes the following:
  • Review of existing business documents and processes.
  • Quantitative analysis of information using statistical tools.
  • First-hand observations through informal stakeholder interviews.
  • Formal and semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders, including client.
The extensive data gathered in the discovery phase is analyzed keeping the problem statement at the center.
  • Relevant data is taken into consideration.
  • Quantitative data is mapped.
  • Biggest threats and biggest opportunities are identified.
  • Relevant data is shared and discussed with the client.
We recommend the most cost-effective and optimal solution to the client:
  • Recommendations/ action plans are shared and explained to the stakeholders/ client.
  • Determine sources required to implement: money, people and processes.
  • Map the recommendations with defined deliverables.
As per the package subscribed, our team can help you execute our recommendations in the best possible way:
  • Create new systems for execution.
  • Hire and train new personnel for execution.
  • Marketing and branding improvements are executed with respective teams
Feedback and Improvement
We strive for continuous improvement and use feedback system to do further improvements in the solution



Our Expert

Milind Sahasrabudhe - Founder

He is founder of ‘Big Leap Consultancy’. Engineer by education, he is having 20+ years of Professional experience across various Industries like Manufacturing, IT etc. He is a Serial Entrepreneur started multiple startups before going into ‘Coaching and Consulting’ arena. His expertise lies in designing Business Models, Franchising and Coaching Entrepreneurs.
Started in 2019, Big Leap has successfully completed 3 Projects with new Entrepreneurs helping them to achieve increase in sales and also successfully signing the Franchisee agreement for one client.

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